Hampton Bays, NY

MPLA joined with Hutton Associates and L.K. McLean Associates to update the Hamlet Center Strategy Plan for Hampton Bays.  The study area was expanded from the original plan prepared in 1999 to include important resources within the hamlet located outside the central business district, such as the Shinnecock Canal Bridge and Maritime Museum planned for the area.

A week of intense workshops and public participation began with a public input forum.  Participants were guided through the process of defining a vision and setting priorities for the hamlet. The public forum was followed by a four-day intense work period, where residents were invited to come by to "look over the shoulders" of the design consultants as we worked on making their ideas into workable solutions that could be implemented throughout the community.  Local business owners were invited to participate as well, and assisted the designers in creating practical solutions for their businesses.

The updated plan recommends new circulation patterns and roadway changes to calm traffic, ease congestion and improve pedestrian circulation with a multi-use path.  Entrances to the hamlet will be better defined with landscaped focal points.  Regulations will also be defined for maintaining and re-creating a natural wooded buffer between developed sites and Montauk Highway.